this is the demo hosting of the SQuiL prototype: a generic UI for relational databases.

If you click on a choice of datasource below, you will be able to browse that database with something that looks like a custom user interface - but there's nothing custom about it: Everything is derived from the database schema itself by using foreign key information and sensible heuristics.

Most sample databases are so small that scanning will be the default search option. Only the StackOverflow sample is quite large (about 20GB) so that indexed search can shine over scanning.

AdventureWorks 2019 Light

The simplified version of Microsoft's AdventureWorks database features only a handful of tables.

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AdventureWorks 2019 Full

The full version of Microsoft's AdventureWorks database has many tables over several schemas and uses some exotic SQL Server features.

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AdventureWorks 2019 Data Warehouse

Microsoft's data warehouse sample features fact and dimension tables and is less graph-like than the other Adventure Works databases.

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StackOverflow 2013

StackOverflow releases anonymized dumps of their databases as xml files stored at archive.org. Brent Ozar kindly provides SQL Server versions of these dumps. This is the Medium (50GB) version of them.

The dumps come without nontrivial indexes or foreign key information, so those were added by me.

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SQuiL has stopped working due to an internal error.

If you are curious you may find further information in the browser console, which is accessible through the devtools (F12).